Primal and phobic driving anxiety

Primal and phobic driving anxiety

Information about primal and phobic driving anxiety

Do you have driving anxiety? Before you answer that, let’s first define anxiety and phobia so that we can have a clear discussion. Anxiety is: extreme worry about events that have yet to happen or a reaction to actual events.

A phobia is defined as: an irrational anxiety that is commonly associated with an object or a given situation. Irrational because the anxiety the sufferer experiences is out of proportion to the risk posed by the objective reality.

A phobia is often expressed in the form of an intense and rapid onset panic reaction, but can also take the form of a more gradual build up of intense aversion and anxiousness. Panic attacks can have varied symptoms such as paralysed or trembling muscles, a feeling of dizziness or disorientation, hyperventilation, and many more.

Like the definition states, a phobia has a specific cause. In relation to driving, phobias are typically associated with specific situations, such as highways without an emergency lane, overtaking lorries, in tunnels or on high bridges, driving along bodies of water, or getting stuck in a traffic jam. A phobia can also follow an actual accident or near accident.

A phobia behind the wheel or as passenger of a vehicle is called driving anxiety, but not all forms of driving anxiety are phobias. Because there are forms of driving anxiety are partly or wholly rational. We call this form of anxiety ‘primal driving anxiety’.

Primal driving anxiety is expressed in many different ways, for example: feeling a lack of overview at an unknown and busy crossing or merging into a busy lane on the highway; suddenly not knowing what to do; or performing a technical manoeuvre, such as a hill start or reversing into a small parking spot, and so on.

It is then of vital importance to give the anxiety sufferer tools to attain and maintain situational overview. We have successfully gotten many license holders back on track through use of our unique methodology. This is a very different process than simply training a student to pass a driving test. Maybe you are thinking “I can never do that!”.

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Primal driving anxiety is suffered mostly by women, where a previous driving instruction paid no attention to how women approach spacial issues and what is needed for you to see driving as pleasurable experience. In short, you have not learned to drive, you have learned to pass an exam.

A phobia and resulting panic reaction can give the impression that you have lost control over the car, and result in feeling that you are a danger on the road. This is the crux of driving phobias. For this, we have a very effective and concrete methodology, based on, among other things, the knowledge of neuropsychology. This methodology will enable you to maintain sufficient control of yourself and the car during the worst panic attacks.

Comprehensive diagnosis:

The driving anxiety trial lesson is for those that already have a driving licence.
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The trial lesson is two and a half hours in duration. The first half is a relaxed conversation with a drink, focused on understanding your specific problem. After that we’ll have a gentle introduction to the lesson car. The trial lesson will wrap up with advice about how we can solve your problem together. There is also an automatic transmission car available.

Driving School Alphenaar has worked together with Jan Voerman for many years,
during which he has graciously imparted his invaluable knowledge and insight about driving anxiety that he has garnered over twenty five years working in the field. Mr Voerman has compiled this knowledge into a suite of concrete tools that many license holders can vouch for. Indeed, Jan Voerman can talk from experience, as he himself has suffered from a phobia. Your driving anxiety will be tamed through our unique methodology, you will look at the world with fresh eyes. “It can go smoothly!” or “What was I learning before?” These are the words I regularly hear.

Many people over the past twenty five years have found the answers to their questions at the website from RijRelaxed Nederland: