FEM Driving Instruction

FEM driving instruction

FEM Driving Instruction

The ideal driving course for women.

I’ve been giving driving lessons for years. Over the years I’ve built up a reputation for being a patient instructor. But patience alone is not enough to help someone. To solve that issue, I studied and became a RIS driving instructor. But RIS was not all it promised to be, I found that it didn’t work well, as it was just a dressed up version of my existing training method. And so I ran into the same problems. As an instructor, I was in a bind, I couldn’t help the many people that came looking for help.

Then I came across an article by Jan Voerman, about the FEM Driving method. Finally, this was the method I was looking for. Through this method I grew to be the instructor I am today, an instructor with the tools to help students in an easy going and concrete manner. I’ve been using the FEM driving method now for a few years with great results, and the most important result is that the students are enthusiastic and grow to be good drivers, even better drivers than they expected to become. My aim is to teach you to become a confident, competent driver; not to just teach you how to pass a driving test.

Do you have to have some sort of problem to take the FEM driving instruction? Certainly not! The FEM driving instruction is the ideal instruction for women, as there is a lot of attention paid to all kinds of spatial issues and concepts. I concentrate on these issues so that you’ll understand and have an intuitive feel for the handling of the car. I’ve noticed that the symptoms of students with driving anxiety, including performance anxiety all stem from a lack of these issues. With the FEM driving instruction, you’re going to look at driving in a different way. It will let you finally get a grip on driving.

With this unique method you’re going to see how car driving actually works. I want to work together with you to achieve the best possible results.

Let’s look at some typical problems that students have trouble with. Students often come to me thinking that they can never learn to drive a car. Some think there is something inherently wrong with them, and have gone to a psychologist, or maybe tried EMDR or hypnosis. But these methods are not tackling the root cause or their problems. In retrospect it became clear to me that the root cause of many students symptoms was that they have never fully understood how a car and driving works.

This problem especially affects female students as a result of mediocre lessons taken previously that did not take into account that women focus on different aspects of driving. This can lead to an increased aversion to driving lessons, performance anxiety, test anxiety and/or a general fear of driving.

The first piece of practical help I offer is a FEM diagnosis/advice lesson that can be followed up with individual lessons. The FEM method can be augmented to focus on concentration problems, autism, or other anxiety problems.

In a standard driving lesson I will typically help you with merging anxiety, lack of overview in situations with many lanes, cramped corners and many other situations.

If you want to learn more about the background of the FEM method, then visit: http://www.femrijopleiding.nl

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